David & Snuggles
Closeup of David
David looking at the Pumpkins
The Girls & David in the Pumpkin Patch
David in Halloween Shirt
David in Play thing
Daddy David Mommy
5 Months Old
Adorable David
David With Large Cake
4 Months Old
5 Months Old
Prince Froggie
Sleeping Prince Froggie
David with the Gang
6 Months Old
David & Jessica with the Baby Sitters
David at 6 Months
Old eating
David & Jessica
David sleeps with the Pumpkins
David in Christmas Suit
Little Bear
A very happy David
David dressed up
David giving high five
David & Jenna
David n Dad
David crawling
A million dollar smile
David n Dad
The Picture Says It All
What No More!!
David the Cool Whip Kid
David loves his sweets
David Playing
David Standing
David in his Rally Roadster
A Handsome
Young Man
David & Snuggles
Relaxing on Couch
Sue & David
TJ  Anna  Sue  David
Anna  David  Sue
Grandpa  Dad  Julia  David  Don
Yagos Home
Grandpa  Grandma  David
Sue  Julia  David  Dad
Julia  David  Grandma
Jessica in Bag
Grandma  Grandpa
Yagos Home
Grand with Picture of Grandkids
Mom  David  Grandpa
David with Raiders jacket on
Grandma  David  Grandpa
Dad  David  Mom
Elmo and David
David having fun
David with Jenna, Aunt & Uncle
Mom n David with Cousins
Jacklyn n Jenna
Mom n David open Presents as Dad look on
Happy David fun in the bath
David Plays With His Toy
David's Rubber Duckies
David Playing
David in Santa's Hands
David playing with
ornament under tree